Pranab Sees A Return To Over 9% GDP Soon

With India showing a fast turnaround from the economic slowdown, finance minister Pranab Mukherjee now wants India to achieve 10 per cent GDP growth in the next two years.“The challenge now is to quickly revert to the high GDP growth path of 9 per cent plus and even find the means to cross the double-digit growth barrier in the coming year or two,” Mr Mukherjee said on Sunday at the India Economic Summit.

The finance minister’s comments come at a time when industrial production dipped to the lowest level in the last 16 months in September with slowdown seen across sectors.
This was the second consecutive month when industrial production had shown a dismal performance. However, the finance minister said that in the short term, it is reasonable to expect that the economy will go back to the robust growth path of around 9 per cent that it was on before the global crisis slowed it down in 2008. He based his confidence on revival in investment and private consumption demand.

Source: The Asian Age

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