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New Education Policies Needed To Combat Widespread Illiteracy

India needs to drastically change its education system to combat the illiteracy impacting its workforce, which now stands at a mind-boggling figure of 860 million. “Illiteracy is impacting the demand and supply of employable workforce in India,” Hari Bhartia, President, CII, told the India Economic Summit of the World Economic Forum in New Delhi on Tuesday.

What’s in NREGA for the middle class

Despite its seminal success in beginning a process of addressing issues of poverty, starvation and empowering the poor, the MGNREGA needed a general election to breathe life into it. However, the disproportionate influence of the middle class on social sector policy has led to the same set of pre-election prejudices resurfacing.

Farmers without title deeds can look forward to JLG

Farmers who are deprived of bank loans due to inappropriate title deeds can now avail of loans with the help of the Joint Liability Group (JLG), a scheme devised by Union Bank of India is being encouraged by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Developments (NABARD).