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Understanding What Young Kashmiris Want

At the height of the agitation, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah announced an “employment package” that would give 50,000 young people jobs. Aware that the government simply does not have so many jobs to absorb young people, the Centre is now desperate to create jobs in the near-term, and has appointed the former Reserve Bank of […]

‘We Share The Anguish Of Kashmiris’

For the first time, an Indian Muslim party outside Kashmir has voiced an opinion on the state’s issues. But is there more to this than meets the eye?

Mainland Discourse

Across India, there is a bonding of searing pain, especially in its northern and eastern peripheries. The hurt and tumult envelops families and communities in a shroud of despair, whether it is in the Northeast, Jammu and Kashmir or earlier in Punjab. The media misses the point that lack of services exacerbates alienation and therefore fuels […]