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Indian Event At Cancun Re-Emphasizes Importance Of Equity

India hosted a major event at the sidelines of the UN Climate Change Conference at Cancun, where the critical issue of equity and equitable access to carbon space was emphasised. Mr. Jairam Ramesh personally chaired the side event which also saw participation of distinguished speakers from various national and international institutions of academic excellence.

Indian Delegation Of NGOs Has Its Say At Cancun

A delegation of non-government organisations assembled under the banner “Beyond Copenhagen” has returned here from Cancun, Mexico, after making interventions for bringing agricultural and food security issues to the mainstream climate negotiations at the 16 {+t} {+h} U.N. Climate Summit. The team took part in the side events, held rallies and lobbied with negotiators during […]

China’s Spreading Sands

On China’s western frontiers, a massive afforestation drive to battle the spread of the desert reveals fast-expanding efforts to combat climate change. View slide show

Four Myths That Hold Back Progress In Fighting Climate Change

The U.N. Secretary-General has presented options for raising $100 billion a year to promote development while fighting climate change. This is timely, but for such funds to make a difference, we must get past a set of myths that prevent the efficient use of resources. Myth no. 1: Energy efficiency can’t meet energy needs.

India releases major new study on climate change

India today released a major new report today that provides an assessment of impact of climate change in 2030s on four key sectors in four climate sensitive regions of India. The Report has been prepared by INCCA, India’s netowrk on climate sciences. Releasing the report, the Minister for Environment & Forests, Mr Jairam Ramesh, noted: […]

Food security to be affected by climate change: PAU VC

Noting that farm productivity would see significant drop due to climate change, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) Vice Chancellor MS Kang has said food security in both developing and developed countries is likely to be affected because of change in weather.  The loss related to climate change is expected to hit developing countries hard, as agriculture employs extensive number […]

India’s Presentation on its Forestry and Climate Change Initiatives

Climate Technology Ministerial Emphasises Need For Technology Agreement In Cancun

Ministers and representatives from 35 countries, regional groupings and UN organisations met in New Delhi and have called for an agreement on a Technology Mechanism at the COP-15 in Cancun. The Ministerial was hosted jointly by the Governments of India and Mexico and UNDESA. Click to read the report

On Climate Models, The Case For Living With Uncertainty

By Fred Pearce As climate science advances, predictions about the extent of future warming and its effects are likely to become less — not more — precise. That may make it more difficult to convince the public of the reality of climate change, but it hardly diminishes the urgency of taking action.

Growing Conflict Over Arctic Resources And The Threat Of A Climate Catastrophe

By Dr. Peter Custers The Moscow Forum on the Arctic seemed a rather surrealistic event. For the Arctic circle is the very region where the drama of the world’s climate catastrophe threatens being enacted. Two of the natural phenomena which scientists describe when speaking of ‘tipping points‘, of natural changes that in the future will […]