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Time to rethink nuclear energy?

The crisis in four nuclear power plants in Japan following the recent earthquake and tsunami is cause to rethink India’s strategy of boosting nuclear energy capacity and setting up the world’s largest nuclear power plant at Jaitapur.

India Racing To Buy an Untried Reactor?

India is slated to purchase up to six of these reactors, of which the first two alone carry an estimated price tag of €11 billion. A memorandum of understanding for the sale of two EPRs was signed in 2009 and there are chances that a framework agreement will be signed during French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s […]

India Signs Nuclear Convention

India signed the international convention on compensating nuclear accident victims on October 27. The convention, to a large extent, shields suppliers of nuclear energy technology from paying damages.

The Saga of the Civilian Nuclear Deal: How the 123 Agreement Came into Being

THERE IS no question that India needs the nuclear energy option, provided it can exercise it wisely and safely. As a rapidly growing economy, we are going to require large amounts of energy. We need to generate this energy fast and from all possible sources, including nuclear reactors. As of now, only around 3 percent […]

India Signs Nuclear Liability Pact

In a significant step which will enable it to engage in international nuclear commerce, India on Wednesday signed the Convention on Supplementary Compensation, which sets parameters on a nuclear operator’s financial liability, at the IAEA in Vienna.