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‘Democracy Doesn’t Start In Parliament, But In Panchayat’

South Africa’s foreign minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, visited India recently for the India-South Africa joint ministerial commission and IBSA ministerial meeting. She spoke to Faizal Khan about Arab unrest and South Africa’s historic and contemporary relations with India.

Uncovering Women’s Work

A substantial amount of women’s time is devoted to unpaid labour. Yet, much of women’s work is invisible. The productive contribution of household maintenance, provisioning and reproduction is ignored. As a result, inadequate attention is paid to the conditions of women’s work and its economic value.

The Road Map To The 2G Spectrum Scam

The ABC Of The 2G Scam

THE INCREDIBLY fast expansion of mobile telecommunications in India has been accompanied by a series of scandals that are a consequence of poor regulatory oversight and deliberate manipulation of policies to favour a select clutch of companies. The biggest and most brazen of these scandals relate to the undervaluation of a valuable national resource — […]

Power Of New Nationalism

The spark that was lit in Tunisia has now spread the brushfire to four countries after consuming Egypt’s long-time president Hosni Mubarak. Coming days will show if the Tunisian uprising will become the Arab equivalent of the 1980 Gdansk strike in Poland that brought down the Soviet empire. Whether the embattled regimes in Yemen, Bahrain andLibya succeed in surmounting street […]

Domestic Violence Outlawed

Although the Domestic Violence Act mandates certain mechanisms to be put in place in order to protect the rights of women facing violence, in most states, neither have the functionaries under the Act been appointed nor have the required services been provided. Senior advocate Gayatri Singh emphasises that it is necessary to take concrete steps to  […]

2010 Human Development Report Analyses Long-Term Development Trends

Most developing countries made dramatic yet often underestimated progress in health, education and basic living standards in recent decades, with many of the poorest countries posting the greatest gains, reveals a detailed new analysis of long-term Human Development Index (HDI) trends in the 2010 Human Development Report, released on the 04 November 2010.

Killing Democracy Slowly

While there has been a furore over the Women’s Reservation Bill, the government has been attempting to push through the Nuclear Liability Bill, Communal Violence Bill and Biotechnology Regulation Bill without the discussion and consultation that are mandatory in a democracy, writes Manish

Is This RP2011 All Over Again?

The Regional Plan (RP) stipulates that zone changes approved, conversions sanctioned and licenses issued in the areas now classified as ESZs shall hold good and that those areas will be appropriately mapped. Considering that the state-level committee (SLC) has approved, inter-alia, many requests from individuals for change of zone of land owned by them, and […]

‘ESZ Policy Useless Sans Mining One’

The Regional Plan 2021 has been notified for Pernem and Canacona talukas. Barring a few policy statements and the VP status, the plan relates only to these two talukas. The plan is a confusing compromise between the recommendations of the Task Force, demands of the panchayats/gram sabhas, decisions of the State-Level Committee (SLC) members and perhaps […]