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Rich Countries’ Commitment To Development Slipping, Says New Survey

While the world’s wealthiest nations made lofty promises to better the lives of the world’s poorest nations, at the G8 summit in 2005, an analysis of their policies on trade, aid, the environment and immigration by the Center for Global Development shows that they haven’t made good on their promises.

Reimagining India

India is on the cusp of reforming its vast social-security programmes, a cornerstone of the present government’s political foundations and an expensive gamble on which the UPA stakes its future. This year (2010-11) the government will spend Rs 1.36 lakh crore on various schemes and subsidies, enough to eradicate poverty and hunger and theoretically affords […]

Tracking Hunger

Emerging India either does not know or ignores the statistics: Half its children are malnourished, a record worse than the world’s symbol for deprivation, sub-Saharan Africa. In 2009, India was ranked 66th of 88 countries in the Global Hunger Index drawn up by the International Food Policy Research Institute. In 2010, India’s rank slipped to […]

Budget 2011: Direct Cash Transfer Instead Of Subsidy By 2012

Poverty levels are said to have dropped dramatically in countries that provide direct cash instead of subsidies to the poor. Will such a system work in India? A number of schemes in India like the public distribution system (PDS) that provides grain and select food items as well as cooking fuel and fertiliser at subsidised […]

Cautiously Optimistic

The Economic Survey 2010-11 is positive on the macroeconomy without glossing over the challenges. The economy’s resilience is seen in its ability to withstand two shocks in quick succession. The ripple effects of the global economic crisis (2007-09) that devastated world growth, trade, and finances have persisted in the form of the European fiscal crisis. […]

Survey outlines reform agenda for accelerated growth

The Economic Survey 2010-11 has advised the government to carry out nearly a dozen reforms pertaining to various sectors of the economy and stressed that action in this regard would be necessary to achieve the 9 per cent GDP (gross domestic product) expansion projected for 2011-12 and further acceleration in economic growth in the years […]

Survey Projects 9% Growth Next Fiscal

Barring inflation which continues to remain the government’s “priority” concern, the Economic Survey 2010-11 on Friday painted quite a rosy macroeconomic scenario projecting a robust GDP (gross domestic product) expansion of nine per cent (+/- 0.25%) next fiscal — reverting to the pre-global crisis growth levels even in the wake of downside risks emerging from […]

‘We Are Seeing The Emergence Of A New Poor’

In 2000, world leaders from United Nations member states envisioned a new world for the third millennium and charted what came to be known as the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). In a candid interview, Minar Pimple, Deputy Director Asia, UN Millenium Development Goals Campaign, speaks to SHRIYA MOHAN about the significance of the 2009 G20 […]

The Poverty Of The Rich

GOING BY the peaks reached by the Sensex every time there is a natural calamity, the Indian stock market is in for exciting times, it seems. Echoing the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a recent report titled Hiding Behind the Poor by the environmental group Greenpeace states: “Changing rainfall patterns will result […]

Growth And Other Concerns

AMARTYA SEN A comparitive development saga of India to the rest of the world by Prof Amartya Sen..