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New CRZ Notification: One Step Forward, And Two Back?

Even as the new CRZ notification grants fishing communities the right to redevelop the land on which they live, it lays open coastal lands for other forms of development which will adversely impact their livelihoods.

Goa’s New Eco-Tourism Zones Come Under Fire

The tiny state of Goa, ‘discovered’ as a charming, unspoilt holiday destination in the 1970s, has grown into one of the country’s best known tourist destinations both for domestic and foreign visitors. What began as a trickle of discerning holiday seekers who revelled in the peace and quiet of Goa’s many beaches, heritage homes and […]

Eminent Domain, Absolute Doubt: Crusade For Goa’s Comunidades

Under Portuguese rule there were 223 comunidades, or independent village republics, in Goa. The people of each comunidade were absolute owners of its lands — from hilltops to coasts. A people’s movement is now challenging the Indian state’s right to walk in and exercise eminent domain powers and jurisdiction over these lands.

‘Draft CRZ notification will destroy ecology’

The National Fishworkers Forum (NFF) has unanimously rejected the draft coastal zone regulation notification, demanded its withdrawal and decided to launch a nationwide agitation to demand the right to life and livelihood of the fishing community and for the protection of the coastal environment.  The draft notification seeks to regularize all the amendments to the 1991 […]