Women block mining traffic at Sanquelim

About nine women from Navelim-Sanquelim on Wednesday morning blocked mining traffic for about four hours to protest against mining pollution.

According to Bicholim Police, about nine women led by one Namrata Naik from Maina-Navelim, Sanquelim, blocked the mining traffic plying along the road. The women sat on the road shouting anti-mining slogans.
The women were opposing the mining for allegedly destroying their fields and for causing air and noise pollution.
After receiving the information at about 12.30 pm, ASI R S Gaonkar and Hawaldar Harishchandra Parab along with lady constable rushed to the site and tried to convince the women.
Since the women refused to leave the traffic, police arrested them under Section 151 IPC.
Bicholim Police is investigating the case.

from the  Herald OCT 27, 2010

Source: http://www.oheraldo.in/news/Local%20News/Women-block-mining-traffic-at-Sanquelim/42362.html

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