The Council for Social Justice and Peace is the Social Work wing  of the Archdiocese of Goa that Protects, Promotes and Campaigns for Peace through restoration of Justice wherever and whenever denied.

Care for the earth and upholding human dignity based on values of equality, justice, freedom and community spirit are integral to the working ethics of the Council.

The Council strives to alert and motivate all people to obtain their rights and to fulfill their obligations in the Society. It accompanies them in their struggles whenever and wherever they are denied opportunities for their healthy development.

It provides Socio-Political Education to the people on their duties/rights as citizens, especially as preparation for Panchayat / Assembly / Parliament Elections.

The work of the Council is enumerated in its vision which seeks to establish “A society rooted in Gospel values where all people of goodwill work in solidarity and live in harmony with nature and human kind where equality, justice, freedom prevail and peace reigns”

The mission of the Council is  “To care for the Earth, protect and promote the Rights and Human dignity and empower all especially the poor and the marginalized”.

The core thrust areas of work undertaken by the Council are:

  • ü  Governance,
  • ü  Employment & Livelihood,
  • ü  Ecology & Environment

Supportive Areas of the council are:

  • ü  Health
  • ü  Communalism
  • ü  Tourism

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