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Ayodhya Verdict, Temple And Indian Nationalism

While Ayodhya verdict is under criticism from various quarters for ignoring the basic issue of land dispute, for ignoring the illegal installation of Ram Lalla idols on the night of 23 Dec 1949 and the demolition of the masjid by Sangh Parivar on 6th December 1992, a new dimension has been added to the issue. […]

Commit The Crime And Be Rewarded: Ayodhya Dispute Verdict

By Ram Puniyani Nation heaved a sigh of relief following the three judges delivering the verdict on Ayodhya case (30thSptember 2010). There was no violence anywhere, something which was feared very much. The day passed off peacefully and the fear that violence will engulf parts of the country proved to be wrong, thanks to the […]

Ayodhya Verdict 2010: Whither Indian Constitution

By Ram Puniyani The verdict given by Lucknow bench of Allahabad high court (Sept 2010) has been a landmark of sorts. On one hand it is culmination of the process of demolition of Babri Masjid, now that illegal act of demolition has got a legal sanction. On the other this judgment is the one based […]

Illusion of an Emerging New India

BY RAJDEEP SARDESSAI IT has been my considered view that December 6, 1992 would not have happened in the age of 24-hour news television. Through the forest of mikes and broadcast vans that would have swarmed the disputed site in Ayodhya, it would have been impossible for either the UP government or the Centre to […]

Ayodhya: Verdict & Consequence

The high court in Allahabad in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh made an important judgment on 30 September 2010 on the long-running Ayodhya saga, where the ownership of a site sacred to both Hindus and Muslims has been bitterly contested in the courts since the early 1990s.

The Scent Of A Betrayal

By Smruti Koppikar with Debarshi Dasgupta, Sugata Srinivisaraju, Prarthana Gahilote, Madhavi Tata, John Mary, Saikat Datta, Snigdha Hasan, K.S. Shaini and Sharat Pradhan. If normalcy is the mere absence of violence, then even the most volatile parts of the country can be said to have retained their normal demeanour in the days following the Allahabad […]

‘I dare the RSS to give a third of the land to Muslims’

From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 41, Dated October 16, 2010 SP general secretary Mohan Singh in an interview with  KUNAL MAJUMDER says that Mulayam Singh Yadav’s comments reflect Muslim concerns.


From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 41, Dated October 16, 2010 The Ayodhya verdict has brought peace. But sections of the BJP want to use it as their ticket back. The RSS and the VHP don’t want any of it. SOPAN JOSHI reports

Time For A Fresh Start

Chetan Bhagat, Oct 9, 2010, TOI Before i begin, i would like to make the usual disclaimer about writing a political column: I have no bias towards any party. The only party i support is the ‘we-do-a-good-job’ party. My views are as an observer of trends, and recent indicators do show that the BJP is […]

Lessons from Ayodhya and the way forward

Is the India after the September 30 Allahabad high court judgment on Ayodhya different from the India before it? Is it a fleeting perception or is there truly a fundamental shift in the Indian mindset born out of a fatigue of chronic Hindu-Muslim clashes?