NGO threatens street protest if casinos permitted in Verem

Irked with the government’s decision to permit two casinos in Verem, the Reismagos and Verem Citizens Forum has threatened to come on the streets if the government fails to withdraw the decision of permitting Casinos in Verem.

In a memorandum to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and the minister for ports, Reismagos Verem Citizens Forum General Secretary Advino Fernandes has stated that fisher folk community and residents of Verem are in total unrest for the reason that due to Casinos, the traditional fishing rights of the villagers will get affected.

“There will be traffic chaos, noise pollution and the social and ethical values of the youth and family members will be degenerated,” stated Fernandes in the press note.“If the government does not withdraw the decision of the two Casinos in Verem, then people of Reismagos have decided to once again come on the streets and burn effigies of the ministers, who are forcing their decisions on the people and there might be violent situations due to the unrest,” warned Fernandes in the press note.It may be recalled that on June 4 and 28, 2008, the villagers and fisher folk community of Verem-Reismagos had staged peaceful awareness campaigns against the upcoming Casinos in the vicinity of Reismagos river bay.The Forum on November 25, 2008, submitted a memorandum, signed by the villagers of Verem, to the government opposing the CRZ violations and Sound Pollutions by the owners of a Casino.


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