Ships collide off Mumbai port

Two cargo ships collided off Mumbai harbour at 9.40am on Saturday, with one running aground on impact and tilting to one side sending two containers of oil, around 200 litres, crashing into the sea, leading to a minor oil spill.

According to V R Joglekar, Chief PRO of the Mumbai Port Trust, container vessel MSC Chitra was proceeding to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) harbour for docking and the other vessel, Khalija-3 was approaching the port when the crash took place. “Though Khalija-3 tried contacting M S C Chitra on all VHF channels to request a change of direction, there was no response,” he said. There was some damage to the port side number 2 hatch of MSC Chitra.

“With the exception of 10 key personnel who continue to be on board, the remaining crew of M S C Chitra have been evacuated. Khalija-3 has its bow damaged and was docked safely at the BPS berth of Mumbai Port Trust,” Joglekar said.


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