A chronology of events in the Ayodhya row:
1985 | Proposal to shift Babri Masjid | Some people proposed shifting of Babri Masjid from its site and sought a fatwa from liberal Islamic countries. But the news leaked to the media and the shifting plan was dropped

1986 | Effort to solve the dispute at local level | People of Ayodhya formed
Ayodhya Gaurav Samiti
which suggested protection of the mosque and temple construction on outer courtyard of masjid complex. RSS turned down the proposal 1990 |Negotiations between spiritual leaders | After VHP announced a kar seva at the disputed site, spiritual heads of both the communities suggested the Centre should maintain status quo but allow a symbolic kar seva. VHP rejected the proposal
1990 | Bilateral talks | VHP & All-India Babri Masjid Action Committee
(AIBMAC) leaders meet in Delhi in which the Centre also took part. Both parties agreed to give evidence in support of their claims. But talks failed as the Centre didn’t provide AIBMAC the second excavation report
1991 | All-India Shia conference | All-India Shia Conference in Delhi passed a resolution asking the Centre to find out whether Babri Masjid was constructed on Ramjanmabhoomi site and requested court for speedy hearing of the title suit. But it failed to break the deadlock
1993-94 | Narasimha Rao’s trust for construction of Ram temple and mosque | Then PM Narasimha Rao set up a trust for construction of the temple and re-building of Babri Masjid outside the periphery of the disputed site. But VHP said no mosque should be built within the 16-km radius of the temple
2002-2003 | Shankaracharya’s move | Kanchi Kama Koti PeethamShankaracharya asked the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) to donate the disputed site to the Hindus. The AIMPLB rejected the idea
2003 | Ayodhya Jama Masjid Trust | It was formed by Muslim leaders for out-of-court settlement. But the AIMPLB opposed the trust saying that only it was authorised to hold talks
2010 | Justice Palak Basu’s effort | In last few months, Justice Basu visited Ayodhya several times to hold talks with the leaders of both the communities, reportedly at the instance of the Congress for a peaceful settlement. But the move failed

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