Archaeological Act implications raise fear among Chandor residents

At the Chandor gram sabha, the members discussed at length the effects of the Ancient Monument and Archaeological Site and Remains Act (AMASRA) Amendment and Validation Act, 2010, which was recently passed in Parliament.The Act says that no constructions are allowed within 100 meters from a site, where such monuments exist and this being so, the gram sabha members pointed that the thickly populated village of Cota, Chandor would be most affected, since there exists an ancient temple in this village. Villagers expressed fear that their houses, which are within 300 meters from this ancient temple, would be the targeted for demolitions. Their fears are further compounded by the fact that the director of panchayat has sought a report from the Chandor panchayat body, on all residential houses, existing within 101 to 300 meters from the vicinity of this ancient temple.

In this regard the gram sabha members resolved that the panchayat body should write to the director of panchayats, that there are no unauthorised structures within 101 meters to 300 meters from this ancient temple site. They also resolved to approach the South Goa MP, Mr Francisco Sardinha, and request him to take up this matter with the concerned authorities at the Center.
The members said that their houses existed much before this Act was passed in the last session of Parliament, and wondered if it would be applicable in their case.


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