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Confining childhood in India

Do child rights activists need to step out of the boxes of ‘development’, ‘survival’, ‘protection’ and ‘participation’ into which they have confined India’s children? Do we need to interrogate child rights programming and the somewhat limiting notions of childhood around which it is built?

National Food Security Act: Universalisation Vs Targeted Approach

With the government at loggerheads with the National Advisory Council and civil society groups on the question of a universal vs targeted approach to the proposed food security Act, Sachin Kumar Jain presents the case against the targeted approach in a country that provides subsidies and exemptions of Rs 418,000 crore to industry while constantly […]

Contextualizing Reservations For Women

If accompanied by sincere efforts to deal with gender violence, education and healthcare for girls, the Women’s Reservation Bill could be a termination notice for gender inequality in India. If the Women’s Reservation Bill becomes law, then 181 out of 543 national legislators and 1,370 out the 4,109 state legislators will be women, significantly altering […]

Rethink CRZ Conversion In Dona Paula: HC To NCZMA

The high court of Bombay at Goa on Friday directed the National Coastal Zone Management Authority (NCZMA) to reconsider its approval given to convert certain stretches of Dona Paula falling in CRZ III areas to CRZ II that benefitted developers.

The most powerful Indians in 2010

1 : Rahul Gandhi, 39 Congress General Secretary Why He topped the power list last year. He’s at the head of the power list this year as well because, even more than one year back, after the Congress’s big general election win, what he says hugely influences political discourse, and what he wants and doesn’t […]